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Custom Headache Patch

Custom Headache Patch

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A custom Burger King style "have it your way" Headache. You pick the colors or camo pattern and we make it. The Headache is a 2.25” x 2.25” homemade patch with hook backing. These are made to order, so give it 1-2 weeks for your order to ship.

Backgrounds come in two options, fully embroidered or camo/fabric:

  • Embroidered backgrounds have a black border around the skull.
  • Camo/fabric backgrounds will not have a border around the skull. If you prefer a certain camo color/pattern in your cut, please let us know. Otherwise, we'll do our best to make sure you get a decent cut.

These combos from previous limited releases cannot be made:

  • Chocolate chip + White skull + Red border
  • Purple background + Yellow skull + Black border
  • Mystery Headache combos
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